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Versioning Guide

The Outlines project follows a structured versioning scheme designed to provide clarity and minimize risk for downstream dependents.

Each part of the version number (major.minor.patch) conveys information about the nature and impact of the changes included in the release.

  • Major Releases includes compatibility-breaking changes to core interfaces, such as LogitsProcessors and Guides.
  • Minor Releases introduce changes of substance to internal or unexposed functionality. These changes are well tested and intended to maintain compatability with existing use of core interfaces.
  • Patch Releases address bug fixes and incorporate low-risk changes to improve stability and performance.


Releases along with release notes can be found on the Outlines Releases GitHub Page.

Version Pinning Recommendations

Here are our recommendations for managing dependencies on the Outlines package:

Small, Risk-Tolerant Projects: Pin to a specific major version.

Large, Conservative Projects: Pin to a specific minor version.