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How to contribute 🏗️

What contributions?

  • Documentation contributions are very valuable to us!
  • Examples. Show us what you did with Outlines :)
  • Bug reports with a minimum working examples in the issue tracker
  • Bug fixes are always a pleasure to review.
  • New features. Please start a new discussion, or come chat with us beforehand!

Note that the issue tracker is only intended for actionable items. In doubt, open a discussion or come talk to us.

How to contribute?


First, fork the repository on GitHub and clone the fork locally:

git clone
cd outlines

Create a new virtual environment. If you are using conda:

conda env create -f environment.yml

If you are using venv:

python -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

Then install the dependencies in editable mode, and install the pre-commit hooks:

pip install -e ".[test]"
pre-commit install

Before pushing your code

Run the tests:


And run the code style checks:

pre-commit run --all-files


Outlines uses asv for automated benchmark testing. Benchmarks are run automatically before pull requests are merged to prevent performance degredation.

You can run the benchmark test suite locally with the following command:

asv run --config benchmarks/asv.conf.json

Caveats: - If you're on a device with CUDA, you must add the argument --launch-method spawn - Uncommitted code will not be benchmarked, you must first commit your changes.

Run a specific test:

asv run --config benchmarks/asv.conf.json -b bench_json_schema.JsonSchemaBenchmark.time_json_schema_to_fsm

Profile a specific test:

asv run --config benchmarks/asv.conf.json --profile -b bench_json_schema.JsonSchemaBenchmark.time_json_schema_to_fsm

Compare to origin/main

get fetch origin
asv continuous origin/main HEAD --config benchmarks/asv.conf.json

ASV PR Behavior

  • View ASV Benchmark Results: Open the workflow, view BENCHMARK RESULTS section.
  • Merging is blocked unless benchmarks are run for the latest commit.
  • Benchmarks fail if performance degrades by more than 10% for any individual benchmark.
  • The "Benchmark PR" workflow runs when its manually dispatched, or if the run_benchmarks label is added to the PR they run for every commit.

Contribute to the documentation

To work on the documentation you will need to install the related dependencies:

pip install -r requirements-doc.txt

To build the documentation and serve it locally, run the following command in the repository's root folder:

mkdocs serve

By following the instruction you will be able to view the documentation locally. It will be updated every time you make a change.

Open a Pull Request

Create a new branch on your fork, commit and push the changes:

git checkout -b new-branch
git add .
git commit -m "Changes I made"
git push origin new-branch

Then you can open a pull request on GitHub. It should prompt you to do so. Every subsequent change that you make on your branch will update the pull request.

Do not hesitate to open a draft PR before your contribution is ready, especially if you have questions and/or need feedback. If you need help, come tell us on Discord.