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You can install Outlines with pip:

pip install outlines

Outlines supports OpenAI, transformers, Mamba, llama.cpp and exllama2 but you will need to install them manually:

pip install openai
pip install transformers datasets accelerate torch
pip install llama-cpp-python
pip install exllamav2 transformers torch
pip install mamba_ssm transformers torch
pip install vllm

If you encounter any problem using Outlines with these libraries, take a look at their installation instructions. The installation of openai and transformers should be straightforward, but other libraries have specific hardware requirements.

Bleeding edge

You can install the latest version of Outlines on the repository's main branch:

pip install git+

This can be useful, for instance, when a fix has been merged but not yet released.

Installing for development

See the contributing documentation for instructions on how to install Outlines for development.