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Generate text with the OpenAI and compatible APIs


You need to install the openai and tiktoken libraries to be able to use the OpenAI API in Outlines.

Outlines supports models available via the OpenAI Chat API, e.g. ChatGPT and GPT-4. The following models can be used with Outlines:

from outlines import models

model = models.openai("gpt-3.5-turbo")
model = models.openai("gpt-4")

# OpenAI

Outlines also supports Azure OpenAI models:

from outlines import models

model = models.azure_openai(

More generally, you can use any API client compatible with the OpenAI interface by passing an instance of the client, a configuration, and optionally the corresponding tokenizer (if you want to be able to use outlines.generate.choice):

from openai import AsyncOpenAI
import tiktoken

from outlines.models.openai import OpenAI, OpenAIConfig

config = OpenAIConfig(model="gpt-4")
client = AsyncOpenAI()
tokenizer = tiktoken.encoding_for_model("gpt-4")

model = OpenAI(client, config, tokenizer)

Monitoring API use

It is important to be able to track your API usage when working with OpenAI's API. The number of prompt tokens and completion tokens is directly accessible via the model instance:

import outlines.models

model = models.openai("gpt-4")

# 0

# 0

These numbers are updated every time you call the model.

Advanced usage

It is possible to specify the values for seed, presence_penalty, frequence_penalty, top_p by passing an instance of OpenAIConfig when initializing the model:

from outlines.models.openai import OpenAIConfig
from outlines import models

config = OpenAIConfig(
model = models.openai("gpt-4", config=config)