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Custom types

Outlines provides custom Pydantic types so you can focus on your use case rather than on writing regular expressions:

Category Type Import Description
ISBN 10 & 13 outlines.types.ISBN There is no guarantee that the check digit will be correct
Airport IATA outlines.types.airports.IATA Valid airport IATA codes
Country alpha-2 code outlines.types.airports.Alpha2 Valid country alpha-2 codes
alpha-3 code outlines.types.countries.Alpha3 Valid country alpha-3 codes
numeric code outlines.types.countries.Numeric Valid country numeric codes
name outlines.types.countries.Name Valid country names
flag outlines.types.countries.Flag Valid flag emojis
email outlines.types.Email Valid email address

Some types require localization. We currently only support US types, but please don't hesitate to create localized versions of the different types and open a Pull Request. Localized types are specified using types.locale in the following way:

from outlines import types


Here are the localized types that are currently available:

Category Locale Import Description
Zip code US ZipCode Generate US Zip(+4) codes
Phone number US PhoneNumber Generate valid US phone numbers

You can use these types in Pydantic schemas for JSON-structured generation:

from pydantic import BaseModel

from outlines import models, generate, types

# Specify the locale for types
locale = types.locale("us")

class Client(BaseModel):
    name: str
    phone_number: locale.PhoneNumber
    zip_code: locale.ZipCode

model = models.transformers("mistralai/Mistral-7B-v0.1")
generator = generate.json(model, Client)
result = generator(
    "Create a client profile with the fields name, phone_number and zip_code"
# name='Tommy' phone_number='129-896-5501' zip_code='50766'

Or simply with outlines.generate.format:

from pydantic import BaseModel

from outlines import models, generate, types

model = models.transformers("mistralai/Mistral-7B-v0.1")
generator = generate.format(model, types.locale("us").PhoneNumber)
result = generator(
    "Return a US Phone number: "
# 334-253-2630

We plan on adding many more custom types. If you have found yourself writing regular expressions to generate fields of a given type, or if you could benefit from more specific types don't hesite to submit a PR or open an issue.