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Custom FSM Operations

Outlines is fast because it compiles regular expressions into an index ahead of inference. To do so we use the equivalence between regular expressions and Finite State Machines (FSMs), and the library interegular to perform the translation.

Alternatively, one can pass a FSM built using integular directly to structure the generation.


Using the difference operation

In the following example we build a fsm which recognizes only the strings valid to the first regular expression but not the second. In particular, it will prevent the words "pink" and "elephant" from being generated:

import interegular
from outlines import models, generate

list_of_strings_pattern = """\["[^"\s]*"(?:,"[^"\s]*")*\]"""
pink_elephant_pattern = """.*(pink|elephant).*"""

list_of_strings_fsm = interegular.parse_pattern(list_of_strings_pattern).to_fsm()
pink_elephant_fsm = interegular.parse_pattern(pink_elephant_pattern).to_fsm()

difference_fsm = list_of_strings_fsm - pink_elephant_fsm

# False
# True

model = models.transformers("mistralai/Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2")
generator = generate.fsm(model, difference_fsm)
response = generator("Don't talk about pink elephants")

To see the other operations available, consult interegular's documentation.